CVTW 003: Corbin vs. Himself

In this episode, our hero goes from picking fights with coffee companies to fighting the very nature of Corbin-dom itself in a struggle for ego and glory. In addition to the usual helping of great tunes, we also receive special exclusive multi-dimensional reporting on Hurricane Florence from a revolving cast of Corbins. Hosted by...

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CVTW 002: Corbin vs. Dazbog

In this episode of Corbin vs. The World, our over-caffeinated hero tells a tale of consumer woe while leading his listeners on a moral crusade against a beloved local coffee chain. Could it be that a benign business could actually be the mask for something much more sinister? Thrill as we uncover the conspiracy...

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CVTW 001: Corbin vs. The Cha-Cha Slide

On this debut episode of Corbin vs. The World, we hear some great tracks accompanied by Mr. Albaugh’s trademark observations on the state of the world, tackling such topics as his hatred of the Chicken Dance, the Cha-Cha Slide and similar totalitarian dance instructions, officiating an out-of-state wedding, and the awkward movements (or lack...

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